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My Centripetal Acceleration

Alright, you know those pathetic people who are go on talk shows and reveal that they have these retarded crushes on people they will never get? Oh yes, I'm one of them. Mr. K, my physics teacher is superfunny and superfoine. My obession began in the summer when I saw him at Lewis and Clark Elementary School. I was there with my little sista, and he was there with his kids. My mom like knows him, so she is all like, "Hey, my superfly daughter will be in your class next year." Then he is all like, "Boy, I'm really looking forward to having her in my class. She can come in for extra help at any time. Heck, she can even sleepover at my house a couple of times." My face grew red and my quest for love began. During the school year, I enjoyed his sense of humor. I liked to hear about his yellow Comet in which he took dates out in. I was wishing I would have had a chance, but since we were born like 30 years apart, I probably wouldn't. Anywho, I got an occasional back or shoulder rub. Oh yes...he has a special touch. Very Nice. My friend Meggie has had a bunch, too. I think more than me. A little competition I see. She works at Redhawks and she was pulling down the concession thingy and Mr. K tickled her tummy. I'm oh so jealous. Whenever me and Meggie get together, I make her tell me the latest info on him. It's all good. Perhaps I'm exaggerating things a little here. I just think that he is a great teacher. That's all I swear. So don't be thinking I'm a freak and all that.
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